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Gerry Hegarty and Claire Watts
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We are both accomplished and highly qualified Traditional Irish Musicians and singers based in West Clare, Ireland.

We have a strong belief that our music is only on loan to us and it is our "duty" to pass it on and share it with as many people as possible.

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About Us

Gerry Hegarty

Gerry Hegarty
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Gerry began playing Irish Traditional Music when he was 13 years old in and around Miltown Malbay and Ennistymon in West Clare, Ireland, the capital of Irish Traditional Music. He is well known as an accomplished fiddle player and singer and has played both locally and internationally.

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Claire Watts

Claire Watts
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Claire, originally from Knockdoe, Claregalway started learning tin whistle and flute with
Joe Collins in Lackagh National School. She went on to study for a Degree in Ethnomusicology in Queens University Belfast. As part of her studies she was based in Chicago Illinois USA and was well known in Irish Musical circles there. Claire also studied classical piano to the Senior Certificate Level. Claire is also a renowned singer/songwriter.

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More Information on Gerry Hegarty

Gerry began playing Irish Traditional Music when he was 13. His first teachers were Gus Tierney of the Kilfanora Ceili Band, Michael Kelleher and Paddy Hegarty from St. Michaels Ceili Band.

Gerry is a proficient fiddle player having played in sessions around Ireland for over 30 years and has a most impressive repertoire of Irish Traditional tunes. Both Claire and Gerry have a great love for their music and play in a style recognised as North Clare with subtle East Galway influences. They play in a very "traditional" mode with great respect for the music which has been handed down to them and a strong belief that it is our "duty" to pass it along in its pure form as a "dance music".

Gerry has played with many bands over the years including the North Clare group "Ceolteoiri Na Boirne" and for a time with the renowned Michael Sexton Ceili Band.

Gerry and Claire are currently part of the line up of Ceili Swing Ceili Band, who are an emerging force in the Set dancing Scene.

Both Claire and Gerry are well known musicians in the Clare area and are very much in demand for a variety of functions. (See We play for.. for further information)

They both also play with The Lackagh Ceili Band from Co Galway who reached the All Ireland Senior Ceili Band competition in 2010. Here is a clip of The Lackagh Céilí Band playing “The Ballyoran Hornpipe” at Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann 2010 in Cavan.

For the last 10 years he has played mainly as part of a duo with his wife Claire Watts. For more information on current projects Claire and Gerry are working on Click Here.

Both Gerry and Claire have successfully completed the Masters in Irish Traditional Music Performance (Honours) awarded by the University of Limerick.

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More information on Claire Watts

Claire is a talented musician and is proficient on timber flute, tin whistle, fiddle, guitar and has studied classical piano to the Senior Certificate Level.
Claire is also a gifted singer/songwriter and has participated in songwriting workshops with Nanci Griffith, Jenny Crook, Mark Selby and Tia Sillers among others. She has just completed a Diploma in songwriting with the London Song Company. She has recorded and released a CD of her own songs, "Elusive Butterfly" (See our Discography page for more information)

Claire has successfully managed her own music school for the last 7 years and has participated in and initiated a number of projects in conjunction with the Clare Arts Council. (For more information see our current projects page.)

Claire was a member of the All Ireland winning Lackagh Ceili band in 1984 And is currently part of the lineup of the Lackagh Senior Ceili Band who reached the All Ireland Senior Ceili Band competition in 2010. Here is a clip of The Lackagh Céilí Band playing “The Ballyoran Hornpipe” at Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann 2010 in Cavan.

Claire lived in Bath Somerset UK for a number of years and remains a well respected musician in Bath returning with Gerry to perform in Somerset on a regular basis. Claire and Gerry were tutors and played a number of performances as part of the 2010 inaugural Bath Folk Festival. (Review of one of Claire and Gerry's performances here)

Both Claire and Gerry are well known musicians in the Clare area and are very much in demand for a variety of functions. (See We play for.. for further information)
Both Claire and Gerry are tutoring at the 2012 Bath Folk Festival. They will also be performing at a number of venues in and around Bath during the festival. Keep and eye on our gigs page for more information.

Both Claire and Gerry successfully have completed the Masters in Irish Traditional Music Performance (Honours) awarded by the University of Limerick.

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Learn Irish Traditional Music

Do you have an interest in learning Irish Traditional Music?

Gerry and Claire offer Irish Music Tuition online. This uses the innovation of current media to allow people far removed from an Irish Music teacher learn at their own pace.
All classes are bespoke, designed with the learning outcomes of the individual student in mind.

We use pre- recorded music lessons, (video and/or audio) live online collaboration via "Skype", E-mail and written supportive material.

If you have an interest, contact us via E-mail by clicking here.

Past Performances

Gerry & Claire have performed all over Ireland, England, Italy and Switzerland.
And of course we are well known on the music session scene in Miltown Malbay and the surrounding towns where we play on a regular basis in Lynch's (Friels) Hillary's, The Westbridge, The Blonde's and The Central to name but a few.

Since November 2010 our performances have been curtailed somewhat following the arrival of our little one, but we plan to return to full time performance over the coming years.
For our current and pending gigs click here.

Last August we were both guest tutors at the third Bath Folk Festival. This was a very successful week where we met with some wonderful people. This was our third year tutoring at this intimitate festival.

Every July for the last 9 years we host an afternoon session in The Central Hotel Main Street, Miltown Malbay Co Clare during Willie Week. This session has proven to be very popular with the younger musicians at Willie Week. (Sample video here)

In May of 2010 we played in Stabio in Switzerland as guests of the : 'L'Albero Delle Note' Music School. (Concert outline). Here we were joined by two wonderful musicians, Ray O Leary on Accordion and Eric Faithfull on Uileann Pipes. (View short video of the concert)


Here is a short snippet of a us playing in Stabio in Switzerland
with our good friends Ray O Leary and Eric Faithful.
Here we are playing that wonderful tune, The Concertina Reel.

Thats us in the centre.

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Gigs & Stuff

Summer is nearly over so things are quieting down a bit. Here is a brief list of what's coming up;

Gerry & Claire.
Gerry has been ill for the last while and has not been performing as much as usual. This situation will improve soon we hope.

Bath Folk Festival.

- August 12th - 16th 2013. Claire is a Guest tutor for the Bath Folk Festival. Bath Somerset.

- "Songwriters-in-the Round" at The Old Kitchen Shop
As Part of the festival the following great event will take place;
A Nashville style, acoustic evening of original songs featuring our special guest Claire Watts from Ireland, with Ali George, Sue Harding and Jennifer Crook.
Relax in the intimate setting of The Old Kitchen Shop whilst these 4 singer songwriters share their songs. Watch this space for more info.

We Play For....

As they say in Ireland, we play for weddings and wakes and all things in between. The following are the type of function we play for;

  • Duet Performances;
    We specialise in performing together to a listening audience. This has to be our favorite type of "gig". We love to share our songs and music which defines us as Irish. We have a vast and varied repertoire to suit any audience.
  • Pub Gigs;
    We have both been playing in Pubs since we were very young and have lots of experience entertaining the crowd as they enjoy their night out.
  • Weddings;
    Have you a wedding pending? Ever considered having some lovely Irish Traditional Music to compliment your special day? Some lively reels after the wedding vows perhaps?
    We love playing for weddings. The joy of being part of someone's special day.
  • Wedding Reception;
    Why not have some Irish Traditional Music and song to entertain your wedding guests as they have a drink while waiting for the wedding breakfast?
    We specialise in playing/singing at the hotel/reception as the happy couple and their guests await the wedding breakfast.
  • Wakes;
    Believe it or not we have done a few of these too! Although it is more common for families to have music at the grave side for a loved one, especially if they were lovers of Irish Music.

We have a specialised programme for all of the above events which is constantly evolving in scope and content. We are also open to include material by request.


Mailing List

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We will then be able to keep you up to date on what we are up to.
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  • update

    Posted on Thursday 17th April, 2014

    Hi all, sorry for the lack of update but I have been unwell for a while. However Claire is busy busy busy… She is in studio at the moment recording an amazing CD of some wonderful new songs. Its going to be great so stay tuned for more info.

  • Whats happening.

    Posted on Sunday 24th June, 2012

    Well here we are, the madness begins again. Playing Irish Music has its demands like every other job i suppose. We have just come through the Clare County Fleadh here in Miltown. It went really well and we are facing the wonderful Willie Clancy Week the week after next. We shall be playing in Kellys [...]

  • Concert Bath Folk Festival

    Posted on Wednesday 3rd August, 2011

    Hi again, Claire and I are playing a concert in Bath as part of the folk festival. We will be in the Green park Tavern 44-45 Lower Bristol Rd Bath, Avon BA2 3BD on Saturday August 13th from 5pm to 7pm. Joining us on the night will be Catriona Killeen, a lovely Concertina player from [...]

  • Discography

    Off She goes cover
    Elusive Butterfly

    We have made 2 recordings to date.
    Our first endeavour was a CD titled "Elusive Butterfly"

    There are 13 tracks on this CD all composed by Claire, for example the exciting "Drama on the Dance floor", the mournful "Cry to Recall". And the beautiful love song "Will You be the One" co-written with Gerry.
    It been proven to be very popular since its release.

    If you wish to purchase one of our CD's Please see our "CD Store" page.
    Off She Goes CD Cover
    Off She Goes

    Our second recording is an album titled "Off She Goes" which features again, 13 tracks.(Lucky for some!)

    There are 2 songs here, Claire sings the wonderful song, "Mantles of Green". While Gerry sings that lovely Sean McCarthy song, "Shanagolden"
    All the remaining tracks are Traditional Irish Tunes. There are two reels here written by Claire, "Granny's Cottage" and "Knockliscrane Cross".
    Other Reels such as "Banish Misfortune" and "Out in the Ocean" also appear, alongside Jigs such as "Off She Goes" and "Daniel O Connell". A Few set dances and a slow air. And of course, more Reels and Jigs.
    Click Here to Purchase a copy of either/both of our CD's

    Current Projects

    • Willie Clancy Summer School. Its that time of the year again almost. Willie Week takes place this year 2012, commencing on the first Saturday in July. And as usual Claire and Gerry will be hosting an open session in the Central Hostel on Main Street from 2pm to 5 PM each day. A wonderful afternoon of music is guaranteed with beginners to seasoned veterans taking part.
    • Bath Folk Festival. This festival is taking place again this year from August 13th to August 19th in Bath Somerset, U.K. Claire will be tutoring on Concert Flute and Gerry will again be tutoring on the Fiddle.
    • Lackagh Ceili Band. Gerry and Claire are proud to be members of The Lackagh Ceili Band who have qualified for the Connacht Fleadh by Winning Senior Ceili Band Competition at the Galway County Fleadh in Clifden in May 2012. In 2010 this Ceili Band reached the All Ireland Final of the competition in Cavan.
    • CCE. Claire is currently Branch Secretary of the Laichtín Naofa (Miltown Malbay) branch of Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann. An exciting time for the branch as they have been awarded the Clare County Fleadh for 2012. With the pedigree of Miltown Malbay as the "home" of Irish Traditional Music this promises to be a wonderful Fleadh. Check back often for updates.
    • Embrace. In 2002 the Arts Office of Clare County Council introduced the Arts and Disability Project as a pilot project, available to all organisations working specifically with disabled people throughout the county. Claire is proud to be associated with the Embrace project working with various groups throughout the county.


    CD Store

    Elusive Buterfly CD
    Elusive Butterfly

    See here for more information

    Claire sings her own composition
    Home from our Elusive Butterfly CD

    Off She Goes CD
    Off She Goes

    See here for more information

    Gerry sings Shannagolden


    A Reel being played by
    Gerry & Claire from Off She Goes

    Contact Us

    Via E-Mail; Gerry & Claire

    Telephone; +0(0353)863745469

    Please leave a comment in the form below. Gerry & Claire would love to hear from you.
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